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Why fall long distance moving is the best? Here is why!

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I am glad that Canadian Moving Services owners and employees survived to summer 2018! Haha! Summer in the long distance moving industry is the busiest time of the year. It comes with a lot of extra new movers who needs training, van lines are full and overbooked especially with all those government moves that happens all within a month and a half creating overbooking. Delays and stressful situations  are very common!

My best tip after 10 years working in the industry would be: Why not moving during the fall months? Here are the advantages of it:

  • The most attractive advantage for a client is probably the price. Starting in September, the decrease of business for moving companies push them to lower the rates. Clients get much better pricing because moving companies give great discounts compared to summer.
  • Second, you have more flexibility for pick up and delivery dates. Simply because moving companies schedule is less tight, that gives customers more flexibility.
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    moving in warm conditions

    Third advantage is cooler conditions. Hot summer days can be very difficult to deal with for clients doing work packing and especially for elder people. But mostly it is potentially dangerous for the movers. Being out of breath during long hours in temperatures surrounding 30C can be deadly. We have seen this summer 2018 few long distance drivers having heat strokes and heart attacks during hot days. Unfortunately, every year some of them pass away. It is always appreciated when clients understand the hard work of movers and allow them breaks, fresh water, etc.

  • Fall season also does not have extreme weather patterns such as winter. In fall, the temperature averages 0C which is actually better for physical work than +30C or -30C. There is also less chance of weather event such as thunderstorms or snowstorms.
  • Another advantage is that customers get better service. Most moving companies hired students, labor ready movers to complete their summer crews. Some of these short term labor are inexperienced and some does not really care. That can cause a lack in the quality of the service received. In September, companies get less business and only keep their best employees. Less are the chances to get a weird guy hired only for the day!

Fall is such a beautiful season and the best one for moving! Why not take advantage of lower prices and book your move with a reputable moving company. For advices on how to choose your mover and find a reputable one, please visit the Canadian Association of Movers webiste at https://www.mover.net/.

Have a great fall readers!

Francine at Canadian Moving Services in Edmonton

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Bobbie Kostuk
Bobbie Kostuk

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

Ryan and Allan were amazing! They were extremely helpful, organized, and super friendly. Based on these two, alone, I will highly recommend Canadian Moving Services to anyone in the market for a moving service.

This is the third time using this company, and each time was a great experience. The set-up for the appointment was easy and the person I spoke with regarding the details was very friendly and helpful.

Cannot say enough about how much easier moving is when you use these guys!

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