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  • What kind of vehicles do we have?
  • How reliable are we?
  • How long before my move should I start preparing?
    Approximately 4 weeks.
  • Do dresser drawers need to be empty?
    No, your dressers can stay full, but be sure to remove any breakables or heavy items.
  • Will you disconnect my stereo?
    Yes, arrangements can be made to have your stereo disconnected.
  • Will you disconnect my computer?
    Yes, arrangements can be made to have your computer disconnected.
  • How will you protect my carpet and hardwood floors?
    The crew will place floor runners on all floors to protect against dirt, and damage.
  • Can I pack some items myself?
    Yes. It is recommended that you pack only unbreakable items, such as linens and books. Remember, all owner packed items travel at owner’s risk. Our Professional packing service is the best way to safeguard against breakage.
  • Does the pack crew remove curtain rods and paintings from the walls?
    Your pack crew will bring special moving boxes and cartons to protect your paintings and wall hangings. Crews, however, do not remove any item that is secured to your walls including paintings. It is your responsibility to remove any “fixed” items from walls.
  • Are there items I can’t have moved on the van?
    Yes. As a matter of public safety, governments at all levels have passed legislation restricting the transportation of dangerous goods. Some commodities may be included in your shipment under controlled conditions while law prohibits transport of others. In either case, you must disclose to the van operator every item you intend to include with your shipment that poses a hazard. A few prohibited items include: gasoline, propane tanks, oxygen, fire extinguishers, ammunition and fireworks
  • What happens to the goods in my freezer and fridge?
    Canadian Moving Services accepts no liability for frozen food or perishables.
  • Will you take my plants?
    If you are moving within Canada , we will take your plants, but because some plants are susceptible to shock when moving, Canadian Moving Services accepts no liability.
  • Will you take my propane tank?
    We cannot move propane tanks as they fall under the dangerous goods rule.
  • Do you transport pets?
    We do not move pets, but, if your company policy includes the movement of pets, ask your movers and would be happy to assist you with the arrangements.
  • Do you move batteries?
    No, batteries are classified as dangerous goods.
  • Will you move my liquor?
    If you are moving within Canada , we do not move carbonated beverages, but will move all other sealed beverages at owners risk.
  • Can you take household cleaners?
    Any cleaners that fall under the dangerous goods act cannot be transported. 
  • Do you move pianos?
    Yes, our crews are trained piano movers.
  • Do you move automobiles?
    We can arrange the move of automobiles for you either by van or rail.
  • Will you take firearms?
    If you are moving within Canada , we can transport firearms, but not ammunition.

    Delivery of your household goods:

  • How long will it take to move my goods?
    There are many factors affecting the length of time it takes for a shipment to travel from origin to destination: the distance, weight of the shipment, government regulations in the National Safety Code, Customs, weather, road conditions, and the need for ferries during transit. Allow extra time and be flexible when planning your moving schedule.
  • What if for some reason I can’t take delivery of my goods as scheduled?
    In the event your shipment can’t travel directly from origin to your new residence, we can arrange to place your belongings into storage until you are ready to receive them. All companies are equipped with completely secure, clean warehouses and storage facilities. Storage is at an additional charge.
  • What can I expect on delivery?
    Upon arrival at destination, the driver will provide you with an “Inventory Check-Off Listing.” Each item is checked off as it is delivered. Any loss or damage is noted on the driver’s copy of the inventory in the section called “Exceptions on Delivery.” These observations will serve to substantiate a claim should you have reason to submit one.
  • Do you put things back together at destination?
    Anything the crew takes apart at origin will be reassembled at destination.
  • What do I do with my cartons after the move?
    Call your destination agent, whose name and phone number will appear on the top right corner of your bill of lading, and they will arrange a to pick up your moving boxes and cartons for you.
What kind of vehicles do we have?

Canadian Moving Services have:

  • Smaller moving truck to accommodate smaller moves or office and delivery
  • Medium size moving truck to accommodate larger apartment and small to medium house or office
  • Large moving truck to accommodate large house and apartment or office
  • We have affiliates that have tractor and 53ft trailer for long-distance moving
How reliable are we?

Edmonton Movers, Canadian Moving Services, are so reliable that they never cancelled even one client in the history of the company. And they do their best to book your move time as accurate as possible, especially if you are the second customer of the day.

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Canadian Moving Services Inc
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4.9 out of 5 stars

Dakota D
Dakota D

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

We have moved with this company 3 times now! Every time we have used them they have been extremely diligent and VERY hard working. They have gone above and beyond for us. Making our moves less stressful. We moved from Calgary and arrived back in Ardrossan late in the evening and even the owner came and helped with the move to make it go faster. We purchased a brand new home and they did not leave a single footprint or smudge in the house. They were very careful!! Not to mention their rates are always awesome. We highly recommend them if you are looking for a moving company. You will not regret it!!!

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